Lèse Tangerine


How’s this for a news cycle?

We’ve got DJT’s lawyer in open court insisting ANY attempt to limit the Le Dauphin is a … HUGE … affront to his dignity and therefore completely off limits (I wonder what Bill Clinton’s thinking?), the Matt Gaetz-Louie Gohmert-even-among-intellectual-lightweights-these-nitwits-stand-out-GOP-MAGAts reprised the Brooks Brothers riot, bypassing the repetition of history first as tragedy, going straight to farce; meanwhile, DJT let us know what he really thinks about William Taylor and Never Trumper GOPers generally (Human Scum — how presidential)…insisted we were building a big, beautiful wall in in Colorado (paid for by New Mexicans?), and claimed Syrian oil as a spoil of war while dismissing the greater Levant as basically a shithole collection of countries.

Oh, and the two Ukrainians indicted for campaign finance fraud claimed executive privilege due to personal association with this POTUS.

In one day.

If he gets re-elected…


2 thoughts on “Lèse Tangerine

  1. Great photo!
    Yet somehow you missed catching Ivanka feeding “Donald, First of His Name” a peeled grape.

    Her scanty attire was NSFW? It would be irresponsible not to speculate.

  2. Thanks, and yeah, Ivanka would’ve been a good addition

    The larger work has what I assume is Josephine kneeling — and attendants, um, attending…but the closeup was a little easier to work with.

    And Ivanka probably beats out (trumps?) Melania on empress versus attendant.

    Side note: I made the hands smaller, just because…

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