Smells Like Teen Spirit Vlad Putin


Ukrainegate (Vladgate? Vodagate? whatever, take your pick) officially reached bizarro if not shady status with the adding of former Loosiana [sic] US Representative and coulda-been-Speaker-of-the-House but for his own personal issues/failings Bob Livingston to the mix.

Livingston, for those who’ve forgotten, was one of many who displayed a fine sense of hypocrisy in wagging a finger at Bill Clinton, only to be exposed for similar behavior.

Holding to the same standards in his professional life after resigning from Congress — like plenty of other Republicans — Bob showed just how much he hated Warshington by staying there and becoming a high-end lobbyist, representing clients like Turkey and Egypt.

Turns out Mr. Livingston is also pushing Vlad’s line about Ukraine and/or the then ambassador of Ukraine being the REAL problem, adding in the Democratic Party just because, and topping it with an extra scoop of George Soros, because, hey, if you’re going all-in, why not add a dollop or two of anti-Semitism to (jack) boot?

Funny how all roads lead to Vlad…