Maybe Reporters Went To The Wrong Diners


Or maybe there aren’t any folksy diners in suburbs, where people hang out all day wearing MAGA gear, waiting for journalists out on their Cletus safaris (BTW, who the hell has time to hang out all day in a diner?).

Not to read too much into the off-year elections, but minus Hillary Clinton on the ballot — and with credible evidence emerging daily that Trump, ironically, is actually doing most if not all the things HRC was accused of for decades — it appears that MAGAts are a substantial segment but not majority of the voting public, or at least aren’t without wholesale gerrymandering and/or voter suppression.

In other words, Trump can be beat. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone who hasn’t been running from rural diner to rural diner. And, sorry to repeat, but he’s still bluffing.

Hell, Trump was beat in 2016. 64 million people didn’t decide the election, 304 did…and sure, it’s possible lightning could strike twice, heaven forbid, but relying on the Electoral College for a bailout is something…that maybe reporters prowling around diners will accept, but…reaction to DJT’s first end-run around the popular vote was significant.

Again, not to read too much into them, but it does look like some of Trump’s luster has worn off. Or maybe it was never there to begin with. Sure, some folks enjoy the bizarre, stream of consciousness rallies where Trump really lets his inner psychopath loose, just like some people like watching car races…or at least the spectacular wrecks that sometime happen at car races. But not everyone.