His Legacy


So..the debate? Nah, didn’t watch. Besides, the Democrats could nominate an empty podium at this point and I’d vote for it, lesser of evils and all that…

And, will spare the details, but it’s been a distracting week for me otherwise, and my usual habit/hobby of paying attention was limited by…work.

That said, and  with the hope that I’ll never devolve into an actual low-information voter, I feel like my perspective was a little more, I dunno, similar to someone who might only catch a bit of news now and again.

And for those folks, Trump had a pretty shitty week…but also a pretty normal week. Because…everything revealed thus far in the impeachment hearing seems so utterly believable for someone like Donald J. Trump.

If Richard Nixon was the dark side of the American Spirit, Trump is the tawdry, cheap, clown veneer. He’s dictator chic, reality television, and PT Barnum minus the charm or intrigue…Dick Nixon as a warped, old, fat-Elvis impersonator, a greedy liar who’d stomp your fingers for a Rex doubloon, and the worst bead hog at Mardi Gras…someone who thinks a neckful of gaudy plastic implies elevated status.

Not even Las Vegas. More like Atlantic City, if not Biloxi.

His associates are equally skeevy. Lev, Konstatin, Igor…Rudy Buttdial.

And while that very cheapness might motivate his rally goers, I think the rest of the country still has just enough basic decency, if not self-respect, to realize how much of a mistake 2016 was.

Trump, not that I much like it, will go down in history — he’s on the list of presidents (hang my head in shame). But it doesn’t mean he deserves a legacy in stone.

And, good lord, I don’t even want to think of how chintzy a DJT library’s going to be…

2 thoughts on “His Legacy

  1. “But it doesn’t mean [Trump] deserves a legacy in stone.”

    SURE he does, but you have to do it correctly.

    Step 1: confine Trump in a box
    Step 2: add concrete
    Step 3: wait for the whining to stop


    “well earned”, although in Trump’s case that can mean “throw down a well” also, too.

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