Moscow Mitch Has A Sad


Human Turtle (not entirely certain about the human part) Moscow Mitch — he really hates being called Moscow Mitchexpressed a new found love of precedent following the House Impeachment vote of Donald Trump, and the announcement that the measure could be delayed in being reported to the Senate unless and until he agrees to at least the appearance of fairness.

In fairness, with a nickname like Moscow Mitch, would you expect anything else besides a show trial Vladimir Putin would be proud of?

Oh, and hats off to the Democrats, particularly in swing districts, who votes yes.

Yesterday morning I heard, on NPR of all places, the kind of analysis you’d get from old Soviet TASS or Pravda, namely that Democrats who won midterm elections in Trump leaning districts would need to be careful, because, you know, Trump.

Or maybe Democrats in Trump leaning districts WON midterm elections because of, you know, Trump. You think? Your good old librul media, hard at work.

Anyway…under the circumstances, not a bad outcome.

Whenever Moscow Mitch — and did I mention he hates being called Moscow Mitch? — anyway, when Moscow Mitch emerges from his shell and mutters “hrrumph,” it’s a good sign.

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  1. NPR?? I stopped listening to them years ago… NPR stands for nice polite republicans.

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