President Little Mittens Declares Victory In War Against The Sea


OK, maybe that’s a little unfair — to Caligula — and DJT’s performance yesterday was more doggie downer (am guessing that will change if/when he makes it a highlight in his wingnut-bizarro-free-association rallies.)

Besides, what the hell, unilaterally declaring victory beats the hell out of DJT putting his stubby little fingers on any button that might escalate things. Also, with his briefing of Congress so pathetic it made Mike Lee and Rand Paul gag, it looks like the real men who were salivating over the chance to REALLY fuck things up will have to wait a little longer.

No word on if/when Trump nominates a horse for counsel.

And you know, it’d almost be funny to watch Pompeo, Mulvaney, and Pence getting ordered to waddle along a beach collecting sea shells as spoils.