See No Evil

Long Live the Red Sun of the World's People, Chairman Mao, Chinese Cultural Revolution Poster

The show will go on for a few days, or a few days more if, by some odd set of circumstances, you don’t get the rest of the GOP caucus — excuse me, the GOP cult — to fold like, take your pick, Cory Gardner or a cheap card table.

C’mon…Mitt? Hahahaha.

Sure, watching Bolton testify wouldn’t hurt, but how much more evidence do you need, and how much more evidence will the MAGAts ignore?

Lev Parnas — who’s wearing an ankle monitor — is less delusional than the cultists, who’ve gone all in.

And, for who? Donald J (could be for John, could be for Jackass) Trump.

What the hell? Is George W. Bush just a lesser-of-evils in their eyes? He’d get their vote, but is kind of sophisticated and nuanced?

At this point, I doubt evidence that Trump was Putin’s personal valet would change any GOP mind. I can picture his Senate defenders saying, sure, he’s a paid Russian agent looking to destroy the country from within, but if you’re the president, that’s ok…

And the GOP base would erupt in cheers. Drink up.