Same As It Ever Was


Sure, credit where it’s due, but let’s not elevate Mitt to the status of house god, Republican Daddy Hero, Last Honest Man in Washington, etc., etc.

Romney took a look at Pennywise and applied his conscience and Mormon faith (where he’s worked in an official capacity) to reach the unsurprising conclusion that DJT was self-serving and crooked.

Makes me wonder what’s going on with other GOP senators who claim to be faithful (assuming they’re not prosperity Gospel types).

Oh, and Mitt’s “suffering” will be, what? Estrangement from a man and movement that went out of its way to publicly humiliate him? Aww…poor guy. He can cry in his non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverage in any of his half dozen houses or three story garage.

Or he can become a fixture on some cable news network. Howard Baker for our time.

The foregone conclusion of the impeachment trial is another example of how we can’t rely on or expect any GOP hero to come to the rescue. Handing Trump his walking papers will have to be done by ourselves, because Trump and the GOP have merged/morphed into a freak show carnival ride alliance that all can see is deranged and damaged, but from which none of them can jump off.

Besides, while it’s not going to be easy to show DJT the door, it can be done. Sure, his minions are rabid creeps, but we outvoted them four years ago. He’s president by arcane rules, not a popular mandate, no matter how often he tries to pass off that lie.

We shouldn’t forget that.