Begging Pardon


So, am still far, far away from the USA, which means I wasn’t around for last night’s debate or DJTs festival of pardons on, I guess, Tuesday… but in what I hope doesn’t become something that bores people to tears, I’ll repeat last week’s mantra: Anyone but Trump…

And yeah that even includes, gag, Mike Bloomberg, though god knows I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Trump this week was a preview of Trump, The Second Term. Just like how super storms these days are a preview of the new normal after global warming.

Imagine this week’s Trump…every week.

I can’t.

3 thoughts on “Begging Pardon

    1. Bloomberg is awful and hope it won’t be him, but if it is, I’ll have to hold my nose…Trump must be voted out. Though to also agree with Snarki, I’d prefer Coronavirus Pandemic to either…

  1. I, for one, will vote for Coronavirus Pandemic over Trump.

    Fewer fatalities. More smarts also, too.

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