One Small Step


Six/seven hours to vote? That’s ridiculous…though also hopeful. People willing to wait that long to cast a ballot must really want to make a statement. And if the ballot is in the Democratic Primary — a primary — the statement is presumably not one in support of Orange Narcissus.

But it also underscores just how cynical and ugly the entire GOP has become. Long lines, reduced early voting hours, onerous registration processes…

This is voter suppression. It’s election theft.

And, oddly, barely reported as such by the allegedly librul media.

Just another way the game is being played by GOP rules and on their playing field. I’m trying to imagine the spittle-flecked rage from Hannity or Carlson if GOP voters were subjected to long waits. Hell, I’m so old I remember Bill O’Reilly screeching about the New Black Panthers (who, if I remember, weren’t even at a white suburban precinct…just saying).

Not that I want to settle for yet another lesser-of-evils — I’m getting old and can’t really remember an election when I wasn’t lesser-of-evil voting — but with basic stuff like voting itself on the line, and with the alternative being, sorry to repeat, a second term for Trump, i.e., the Vengeance-is-Mine farewell tour, maybe it’s an election where we need to.

Because if we don’t…game over?