Does He Really Look Like A Guy With A Plan?


Wow, what a flop, though as usual, major media is doing their best to downplay what had to be the weirdest address-from-the-Oval-Office-to-reassure-the-nation ever.

Looking and sounding like he was on strong medication or had just been awakened, DJT managed to stumblebum/blunder his way into falsely claiming a ban on European “cargo” — lotta good that would do — while oddly exempting the UK from travel restrictions because…well, not really sure why.

And he concluded — to be fair, after he thought the camera was off — with something that looked for all the world like an orange-stain-take-on-the-Looney- Toons-signoff.

That’s All, Folks.

And the political press is gearing up for a months long cycle of Biden-is-gaffe-prone stories?


We’re still at the beginning of this, and who knows whether it will be a matter of worst fears being realized or not, but I can’t think of a more incompetent reaction than what we’ve seen from Team Trump. It’s stupid…on an epic level.

Think of what sort of reaction we’d see if the president was a Democrat. Fox Noise would literally be that, and I’m guessing the rest would, sheeplike, follow along (“the administration was caught off-guard and is scrambling to restore trust”)…yet for Trump, they’ve set the bar so goddamn low you need a backhoe to find it.



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