Oh, For Fuck’s Sake


Lindsey Graham had a loud harrumph and muttered out loud about how difficult it is to find good help these days before presumably waddling off to get fitted for a monocle, tailcoat, and whatever other snob apparel suits someone worried that a few extra dollars for a few extra months will bring on sloth and other undesirable traits.

Fuck him, fuck them, fuck ’em all.

Lindsey Graham makes a hundred and seventy four thousand dollars a year plus expenses to work part time. He could easily ride out months if not years of forced unemployment, not that he’ll have to. His paychecks didn’t vanish overnight…and have left him with a tidy little nest egg. Meanwhile, millions of people who’ve been working harder than ever for, when adjusted for inflation, less and less money…and are now being accused, on the record, of being lazy and greedy.

Want to see lazy and greedy, Senator Graham? Take a look at yourself and your colleagues.

And fuck the fuck off.

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