Anyone Else Remember “The Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations?”


There’s a whole new meaning to “practicing leadership” with DJT. He manages to go three or four whole sentences without a childish tantrum, or an epic faceplant, and, wow.

100 to 200 thousand victims is the new Mission Accomplished.

All that’s left is a victory lap on an aircraft carrier — maybe the USS Theodore Roosevelt is available.

Jesus H. Fuck Christ.

Trump’s using this crisis to run what’s undoubtedly the most perverse Rose Garden campaign strategery in history while the rest of the GOP is now falling in line with his die for DJT and/or the Dow plea (like Pierce says, they’re welcome to go first), and the political press is treating this as…Campaign 2020. Cue up the patriotic music.

Moral relativism, anyone?

On second thought — they skipped right over that to a stunningly cynical moral calculus. Objectively Pro Death.

Oh, and is it just me, or does anyone else find it odd/strange that, despite spending something like $3.6 trillion-with-a-t dollars a year on health care, there’s nonetheless a shortage of basic equipment? Almost like how, during the last Mission Accomplished, the then half-trillion dollar annual military budget still required supplements for actual costs of war. Just saying…