Who Wouldn’t Be Reassured?


That’s Robin Vos, speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, assuring the public it’s incredibly safe to vote in person during a pandemic.

And, who are you going to believe, Robin Vos, or your lying eyes?

What’s next? That Amity Island expects a blockbuster tourist season and there’s nothing to all those silly rumors about a vicious, man-eating shark?

Or will he go with some variant of segregation now, tomorrow, and forever?

The GOP, most visibly in the person of DJT, but across the nation, is combining evil and stupid, with predictable results.

Wisconsin’s sick spectacle of a pandemic primary, is yet more proof.

Hell, I would’t be at all surprised if, after having the nerve to hold it, they’d cite it as an excuse to call off elections down the road, up to and including Decision 2020.

You know, because they care…

One thought on “Who Wouldn’t Be Reassured?

  1. If that R state supreme court candidate loses they will cancel the result and not even blink.

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