It’s A Dessert Topping, AND A Floor Wax, AND A Nutritious Breakfast…


…AND a fucking pandemic.

Jeeeeesus, these people don’t just faceplant, they faceplant early, often, and epically.

Kellyanne “Alternative Facts” Conway

This is Covid-19, not Covid-1, folks. You would think that people charged with the World Health Organization facts and figures would be on top of that.

They’re evil.

No, they’re stupid.

No, wait: they’re evil AND stupid.

And incompetent.

They’d not only repeatedly step on a rake, but would otherwise have no clue how to use it, except maybe as some sort of crude weapon to hit or stick people with.

By the way, and a little off topic, but just wondering: has Trump made any real statement of condolence to anyone? The victims, their families, loved ones, or friends?

Has he offered any expression of thanks or gratitude to the millions of people either directly involved in caring for patients or engaged in critical occupations that allow the rest of us to obtain basic necessities?

I’d barely be surprised if he tweeted about how perfectly he’s responded to Covfefe-19.

And if Conway compared it to Obama’s reaction to the Bowling Green Massacre.

2 thoughts on “It’s A Dessert Topping, AND A Floor Wax, AND A Nutritious Breakfast…

  1. Yes President Trump has made numerous condoloances to family and friends of victims of virus. Not to mention he never sleeps because he works night n day trying to fix the fuck ups of previous administration that left nothing in the cupboards. WHO are idiots and that’s why Trump not paying them anymore as of yesterday.

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