The Trump Administration Unveils The New Plan


And…joke’s on us, the new plan is the same as the old plan, which was no plan.


It is shocking. More than 60 days after President Trump declared a national emergency over the novel coronavirus, there is still no clear national plan for what comes next. “The lockdown is not meant to be a permanent state of affairs; it’s intended to be a giant pause button that buys you time to get ready for the next phase,” Jeremy Konyndyk, of the Center for Global Development think tank, says.

But the Trump administration wasted the pause. Over the past two months, the US should have built the testing, contact tracing, and quarantine infrastructure necessary to safely end lockdown and transition back to normalcy — as many of its peer countries did. Instead, Trump has substituted showmanship for action, playing the president on TV but refusing to do the actual job. He has both dominated the airwaves and abdicated his duties. As a result, America’s progress against the coronavirus has stalled, even as the lockdown has driven the economy into crisis.

And it’s not just DJT, though he’s certainly their inspiration, their true voice and distilled essence.

He is the GOP and the GOP is he.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Gov. Tony Evers’ coronavirus stay-at-home order Wednesday, ruling that his administration overstepped its authority when it extended it for another month without consulting legislators.

The 4-3 ruling essentially reopens the state, lifting caps on the size of gatherings, allowing people to travel as they please and allowing shuttered businesses to reopen, including bars and restaurants. The Tavern League of Wisconsin swiftly posted the news on its website, telling members, “You can OPEN IMMEDIATELY!”

What, you want to live forever?

Until it affects them personally, and probably even after that, the wingers will react to a global pandemic they way they react to anything: how can they own the libs?

Deny, then lie.

Fondle and brandish their guns.

Scream about minorities and foreigners.

Wave a Confederate flag.

Rinse, repeat.

They knew he was a snake…they just didn’t care.