Still Batshit After All These Years


I guess we’re at the Bush II administration build a school/paint a school/insist that building a school/painting a school is evidence of the phenomenal success in Iraq point in DJT’s own crash-and-burn.

If only we wouldn’t test, if only people weren’t dying, if only our health care system wasn’t stressed to the limit while the overall economy implodes…everything would be awesome.

Yet…it’s all just another day, another IOKIYAR…

And now the grand experiment begins, i.e., looks like they’ve decided a month and a half or so of quarantine is more than enough — you’d think the MAGAts who like to hunt, fish, boat, etc., would be doing just that, but I guess with a second term on the line it’s shop till you drop with them…literally.

And, just me perhaps, but I can’t decide if it’s the spineless Democrats or feckless press or some combination of both that allows Trump to continue to suck up all the media oxygen without someone, anyone, pointing out how bugfuck insane this all is.

He STILL thinks the pandemic is an annoying obstacle to his re-election, and not, you know, a pandemic.

We’ve normalized mass death, epic grifting, flouting of constitutional norms, impeachment (sure, he was acquitted, but you’d think that alone would be a powerful rhetorical weapon for the party that’s, um, the opposition)…nepotism, and so on…at least for the GOP.

And if they get four more years, you can be sure it’s game over/no replay.

One thought on “Still Batshit After All These Years

  1. “He STILL thinks the pandemic is an annoying obstacle to his re-election, and not, you know, a pandemic.”

    He thinks* the current pandemic is just a repeat of the GOPs reaction to Ebola: lots of sound and fury that mysteriously disappeared after election day.

    No, Donnie, ratfucking is a REPUBLICAN perversion.

    *(to the extent that a squirming mass of brain-worms ‘think’)

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