Send In The Clown


If anyone’s wondering how deep the GOP rot is —

Tom Cotton: Send In the Troops

The nation must restore order. The military stands ready.

There’s the rising star/the future.

Toss aside the Lee Greenwood and cue up the Barry Sadler…or Richard Wagner.

Crack some skulls, provided of course, they’re the appropriate skulls to crack…my only surprise is that he didn’t conclude with “exterminate the brutes.”

And of course Senator Cotton is permitted to express his views on Twitter, um, no, on his blog, um, no…in the pages of the New York Times.

The librul media.

Both sides.

First amendment, freedom of assembly?

Opinions differ.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump claimed a new title, and you know, it might even fit: Official Bunker Inspector



Sure, I can see that.

Give him a cubicle, a badge, some carpet samples, a red stapler…

When he’s not inspecting the bunker, he can play golf.

Because he’s done enough damage.

2 thoughts on “Send In The Clown

  1. I sure hope those troops don’t take a wrong turn on Pennsylvania Avenue, go into the White House and arrest everybody in sight. Whatever could we do then except call on all the ex-presidents to make a council of desperation and hope, and try to figure out whether our future will be reform or revolution.

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