Miller: Ghostwriter Or Ghoulwriter?


So, I’m not sure if the Trumpsters are still planning a televised address on race relations with Miller scribbling the words. For a while that seemed to be in the works, perhaps followed by Harvey Weinstein soberly expressing his sincere respect for women…

Who knows? Maybe they changed the plan.

Or maybe there’s no plan at all.

I’ve said before I think DJT is bluffing and I still think so. He’s reacted to actual crises about as systemically as the pea rattling around in a can of spraypaint.

Five stages of grief? Not a chance — instead, back and forth between denial and anger, occasionally a bit of bargaining.

Toss in a random act of bugfuck bizarre…

And let the press carry his water, which they’ve done for four plus years — offhand, just wondering if the media kid gloves began in earnest after DJT publicly insulted their Prince Charming, Saint John McCain, and got away with it — anyway, it’s real enough that we’ve got a Commander in Chief who fits the textbook definition of psychopath sitting in the Oval Office during a pandemic and political crisis of the kind we haven’t seen in a generation. 

Though, if nothing else, the past two week have — possibly — demonstrated to the press and public that Americans are significantly different and far more diverse than the rural diners elite journalists prefer when profiling “real” Americans.

That should give them, and Team MAGA, reason for reflection, televised address ghoulwritten by Stephen Miller, or not.