The Good Old Days


I dunno, but citing the Donner Party as inspiration and motivation could be a sign you’re scraping bottom.

Though, that’s probably as accurate a reflection of the modern GOP as any.

STFU, too bad, so sad, and now get back to work, serfs, because unless and until they’re affected personally, Rush and the rest of them need to be fed, and sure as hell can’t do it themselves.

However, if I remember, Rush Suck-It-Up-Law-And-Order Limbaugh certainly discovered his inner, compassionate, there-are-alternatives-to-prison-side when he got caught.

Conservatism has come full circle. Oh, it was always full of shit, but at one time there might have been a few who believed in leaner, faster, better, cheaper…but now it’s revealed as a horrid, flaccid blob, incapable of anything useful, demanding human sacrifice to feed its raging maw and ego.

Which makes Limbaugh, or Trump, a perfect symbol.

2 thoughts on “The Good Old Days

  1. It will take awhile but this 17yo essay touches on the Donner Party and conservative affinity for the whole affair. These things get recycled by the conservative industry endlessly. In this case by the old Values Czar Bill Bennett. All in the context of a discussion of the now 30 year struggle of Dave Frum to make conservatism less icky.

    I think we are beginning to see why Frum feels that his philosophy may be a loser come election time. I think the Donner party – who, be it noted, set out seeking economic prosperity in the West, not snow and starvation – would not vote Republican on the strength of William Bennett’s comfortable edification at the spectacle of their abject misery. (“Let’s start with the fat one over there in the corner, playing the slots. We can eat off him for a week. See how he likes it.”)”

    1. Thanks for sharing. I grew up in California and am something of a Donner Party buff.

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