Lickspittle Spoke

Only a grim sense of civic duty kept me from ignoring the gathering of the Trump cult, last night’s episode capped off with an extended word from Second in Command but Toady in Chief Mike Pence.

Wow. I don’t know what was more, I don’t know, amazing: the boot-licking fealty or the dire predictions of life under a Biden administration that sound a lot like the reality of the present one.

About all that was missing was a collective statement insisting that Donald Trump was the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being they’ve ever known in their life. And Joe Biden is Satan (well, Lou Holtz…)

One last attempt to peel off a few suburban suckers, um, voters. Will it work? I hope not.

I’m also thinking that, whether it will work or not, the Trump Cult up to and including Dear Leader, will do everything they can to encourage the kind of rioting and unrest you’re seeing in Kenosha and elsewhere. It’s all they’ve got. Amp up the chaos, see if they can slither through.

How’s that for a strategy?

One thought on “Lickspittle Spoke

  1. The amazing thing to me parallels your amazement over the Republicans’ (including the Vice President) dire predictions. As they run down the list of terrible things going on right now, none of them betray the least bit of awareness of who has been running the joint for the last three and a half years.

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