Raging Bullshit

The ongoing toxic waste discharge that’s the Donald Trump administration couldn’t have been without a little help from his friends like those at the failing New York Times. You probably saw this link yesterday, a write up that did everything to normalize the possibility of a GOP coup in the guise of Democrats-will-be-in-disarray-if-this-happens…um, not to mention that it would be a putsch, use of the term putsch intentional.

Grotesque understates it.

I’m sure Trump revels in it.

And when the media’s not actively enabling it, the bullshit is still so thick and relentless it’s like it’s getting shot out from a water cannon.

There’s just not enough time to process the degree to which Trump deliberately trashes the system in an attempt to stave off defeat, doing whatever he can to sow chaos, while stuffing his pockets with anything that isn’t bolted or riveted down.

It’s exhausting to simply try keeping up.

And it’s not normal.

2 thoughts on “Raging Bullshit

  1. They’re genetically incapable if just calling bullshit, no matter how obvious.

  2. DT: My supporters should commit felonies and maybe crash the election

    Spokesperson: The President was of course merely joking

    DT: I totally meant it, people should commit voter fraud, maybe it’ll help me stay in power

    Media: Biden risks entanglement in voter fraud controversy

    Kieran Healy

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