You Can’t Shred Digital Recordings

And you can’t erase 18 and 1/2 minute gaps when someone else has copies.

But let’s not slather Bob Woodward in praise while draping him with rewards and awards…as others note, he sat on quite a significant story for months while millions were infected and hundreds of thousands died.

For me, this is just another example of how deep the rot is. We all know Trump is the lowest form of lying scum, a con artist and cult leader (aside: Gret Stet Senator/Cletis-The-Ignorant-Yokel wannabe/and cult initiate John Neely Kennedy all but squinched his eyes shut and put fingers in his ears in denying Trump said what he said, and that it’s on tape), anyway, we’ve known Trump is a fraud, but the elite media, like Woodward, spent the entire 2016 political campaign sitting on story after story, while obsessing over the nothing burger of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Then they spent the next four years normalizing an administration that wasn’t just criminally venal but remarkably stupid and inept. It’s as if Trump managed to combine Nixon’s evilness, Reagan’s vacuousness, Bush Senior’s creepiness, and Junior’s incompetence into a single flabby, vicious, amoral orange blob.

If the coronavirus hadn’t plunged the country into a genuine crisis, I’m guessing the odds are pretty good the chattering classes would be furrowing their collective brows over Hunter Biden and Burisma…and who knows, they still might, because, you know, both sides…

And while I suppose on the one hand it’s better-late-than-never that at least some of this is finally coming to light, and hopefully in a way that ensures Trump’s first term in office is his last/only term, it’s nonetheless troubling that it’s taken this long to expose what I believe is still just the tip of the Trump iceberg of fraud and corruption…

And what will come next?

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  1. “And what will come next?” Now that Trump has no credibility at all, and Barr has revealed how corrupt he is, my guess is that the rats are gonna come streaming off Trump’s sinking ship. At least, I hope so.

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