Credit Where It’s Due

Dana Bash accurately called it a shitshow.

The media spin, distinct from the candidates’ efforts to push opinion, is focused — for once, as it should be — on Trump’s 90 minute bratty child act and his wink to the Proud Boys.

I sure as hell hope the country, or at least enough of us, are tired of it.

Trump IS exhausting.

I assume that’s a feature, not a bug.

Amp the bullshit to eleven, and the wholesale grift, fraud, and manic incompetence is slightly less noticeable.

Just trying to keep track is an effort.

For instance, anyone remember the ridiculous government shutdown (well, ridiculous for us…stressful as hell for laid-off workers).

But do you remember it was the second shutdown of this administration?

Trump was impeached less than a year ago; the Senate vote to not convict was in February…Chris Wallace didn’t even bring it up.

Trump’s personal financial shitshow was mostly ignored.

Not that it would’ve mattered, I guess, when you’ve got the world’s oldest baby throwing the mother of all public tantrums.

Sadly, it probably didn’t cost him any votes.

Hopefully, it didn’t win him any.

If anyone’s really undecided about the election, they should be checked for a pulse.