Life Of The Party

First, not to get ahead of anything, but I’m cautiously optimistic…and…relieved, more than anything.

The last four years were, for me, a source of frustration and embarrassment, as well as exhausting…

For others, the consequences were far more severe.

So, assuming DJT stomps off into a post-presidency, following the inevitable public whining, lawsuits, tantrums, etc. — good.

But the end of Trump isn’t the end of Trumpism.

He is the GOP, and the GOP is he.

And that’s something I hadn’t really considered four years ago.

My assumption was the vast majority of them might be, in the words of Willard Mitt, “severely conservative,” but not batshit insane.

I stand corrected, and will keep in mind from here on out that one of our major political parties is flat-out, Qanon fascist.

Worse, bizarre, archaic election rules give it an inside track with both the presidency and the Senate…

And that will be the case for…for as long into the future as I can foresee.

Having said that, small steps forward are better than lurching backwards.

And this election is a small step forward.

President Biden? Vice President Harris? Sounds good to me.

2 thoughts on “Life Of The Party

  1. “Having said that, small steps forward are better than lurching backwards.” What an inspiring thought. But it’s true, if depressing.

  2. They are cowards. They use ugly language against women in public while their collegues stand next to them and admire the clouds, and then hide behind the skirts of their wife and daughters. They demonize and exploit the poor…hey, I could go on, here. But, with a Democratic President, House, and Maybe, Senate, they will crawl back under their rocks and keep their ugly mouths shut for a little while. Their complete lack of moral testicularity is a national disgrace. They do, however, represent a significant portion of the citizenry, who nonetheless are entitled to, and deserve, representation.

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