A Man For All Four Seasons (Total Landscaping)

There’s tragedy repeated as farce, then there’s the opera buffa (opera buffaliani?) of last weekend, featuring America’s Mayor, and creepiest shirt-tucker-in-ever, in a lead role.

Getting punk’d — by Borat — should be enough to get permanently deleted from the chattering classes eRolodexes.

But Rudy managed to equal if not top that at The Four Seasons…no, the other Four Seasons…no, the one off I-95.

Performance art doesn’t get any weirder.

Meanwhile, it wouldn’t surprise me if a view inside the White House residence found this

While Rudy gesticulates and goes into histrionics, Trump sulks and pouts.

And schemes.

Will anything come of this? Probably not, though it’s goddamned ugly, totally fitting with his history and personality, and if he managed to create an actual crisis, he’d sure as hell try to exploit it.

Trump is desperate, and that shouldn’t be misunderestimated.

Having said that, I’m definitely relieved. Can you imagine how goddamned ugly it would have been had he won?

One thought on “A Man For All Four Seasons (Total Landscaping)

  1. Four Seasons Total Landscaping was the PERFECT venue for a big pile of horse-shit.

    They have fertilizer, also, too.

    And plenty of rakes for Rudy to step on!

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