Sore Loserzombies


With their rabid temperaments and tendencies to possess arsenals of weapons, this is like watching someone playing with sparklers in a garage full of greasy rags and open gas cans.

Maybe nothing will happen, but if something does, we can’t claim to be surprised.

Sadder still is that it’s taken this long to see just how bugfuck crazy the nuttier examples of the wingnut persuasion are, even though it’s really not new at all.

Birchers ranted about fluoridation of water. The pro-Vietnam war faction spent decades insisting the Rambo fantasy of unreleased POWs was real.

QAnon’s rantings about pedophilia remind me of the McMartin lunacy of the 1980s. Soros is the new anti-Semitism. Racism is the new racism.

Trump’s managed to distill the paranoia of Nixon, the casual, condescending smugness of Reagan, the creepiness of the older Bush, the arrogance of Bush Jr…

Add, pun intended, a liberal helping of George Wallace and Newt Gingrich psychopathy/toxicity, and it’s a match made in political hell.

But we’re the ones who need to reach out and understand where they’re coming from…

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