Oh, Just Indulge Him For A Bit

What could go wrong?

A former Houston police captain, who the authorities said was investigating a voter fraud conspiracy theory for a conservative activist group, was arrested and charged with pointing his gun at an air-conditioner repairman he had pursued to try to uncover fraudulent ballots, prosecutors said Tuesday.

The former captain, Mark A. Aguirre, 63, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and then freed on $30,000 bail, on Tuesday.

According to a police affidavit, Mr. Aguirre struck the repairman’s box truck with his sport utility vehicle on the morning of Oct. 19. When the man got out of his truck, Mr. Aguirre pointed a handgun at him, ordered him to get on the ground and pressed a knee into his back, it said.

A couple of things. First, we’re only just hearing about this, but it happened in October. If I remember, there was some grumbling and whining, but the noise machine hadn’t really kicked into high gear.

Second, “investigating a voter fraud conspiracy for a conservative activist group.” What the fuck? If the allegations are accurate, he’s a right wing terrorist.

Finally, it’s about goddamned time the media stopped constantly carrying wingnut water and otherwise making excuses. They’ve been doing this for a generation or more. They coddled Reagan, never pointing out supply side economics was a miserable failure (but hey, it was Morning in America). Instead, they dubbed him The Great Communicator, even when as often as not he was muttering complete bullshit. They let him walk on Iran-Contra, because maybe they went too far during Watergate, they let Bush Senior get away with this (compare/contrast to the shitstorm over Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich).

Bush Junior was fawned over until his failures became painfully, embarrassingly evident, and impossible to gloss over.

They indulged Donald Trump from the moment he rode down the escalator to launch his campaign before an audience of paid extras.

They’ve indulged him — and the GOP — to the point of this country coming within an eyelash of rejecting democracy.

We’re still not out of the woods yet on that.

And you can count on a new generation of wingnuts to assume they’ll likewise be indulged…and if, heaven forbid, they aren’t…

One thought on “Oh, Just Indulge Him For A Bit

  1. My take: A place in Houston called “Liberty Center for God and Country” decided to pay a former cop an advance of one fifth of $266,400 to go catch ’em some election cheaters. They then dutifully pay the balance the day after he channels ‘Jack Bauer’ and sticks his gun to the head of a bewildered air conditioner dude who suddenly found himself in an insane and poorly executed psychodrama.

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