Donny Two-Times

“Gonna go get impeached, get impeached.”


I keep thinking how — not that a Democratic president would or could ever make a speech like DJT’s on January 6th — though if somehow they could, how it would be covered, not just by Fox and its even more lunatic wingnut spawn, but by the corporate media, including the allegedly librul MSNBC.

If it was a Democrat, impeachment would be the least of their worries.

The more incendiary excerpts would be replayed on an almost continuous loop, while conservative punditry raged, libs cowered, and demands were made for head to roll…

But, Trump, poster child for impulse control issues — I’d give odds of well under 50 percent that even today, the septuagenarian would fail a marshmallow test — anyway, Trump couldn’t even fume quietly/stomp off to Florida or wherever, and bide his time.

Instead, he begged for another bite of the impeachment apple, or, being Trump, the impeachment double cheeseburger with extra bacon.

And the Republican party, with few exceptions, is wholly under his tiny thumb.

Sure, Moscow Mitch (via a strategic press leak) and Liz Cheney are creating distance, but…no way is that a sign of principle for either one.

The rot still runs deep.

One thought on “Donny Two-Times

  1. I have long since ceased to be outraged at Trump’s own behavior. he is what he is and that isn’t much. What I still struggle with is the fact that so many people who ought to know better keep giving him the benefit of a doubt when there should be no doubt remaining as to who that bastard is and what he does.

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