After a generation’s worth of Cletus Safaris, the NY Times finally took a look beyond the rural diners of central Pennsylvania and/or Southern New Jersey.

As President Biden’s inauguration ticked closer, some of Donald Trump’s supporters were feeling gleeful. Mr. Trump was on the cusp of declaring martial law, they believed. Military tribunals would follow, then televised executions, then Democrats and other deep state operatives would finally be brought to justice.

Just ordinary, “real” Americans…armed to the teeth.

Despite the economic anxiety, they’ve amassed quite the arsenals.

Meanwhile, the Republican leadership or wannabees — thinking of McConnell, Cruz, Hawley, et al — are fine examples of profiles in wanking when not spewing abusive rhetoric.

Then there’s newly elected Rep. Taylor Greene. Batshit insane. Mainstream GOP.

And it’s not like this is really different from previous flavors of wingnut.

Sure, it’s been pushed up to eleven over the last decade or so, but the crazy’s been around for some time.

Vince Foster…the McMartin Daycare allegations…you don’t need the internet to peddle in lunacy.

But it WOULD be nice if the goddamn press wouldn’t insist we need to consider their point of view, when their point of view is just plain nuts.