The Calls Are Coming From Inside The House (of Representatives)

Is that a white power sign from MGT? Might just be a coincidence, but…



Rep. Greene is an asshole. If voters in the district want to elect her, fine, and if the GOP wants to cling to and/or laud her as the face of the party, that’s also fine, but…you reap what you sow.

And the GOP is sowing batshit crazy.

Legislatures require at the very least a minimum of parliamentary rules if not, I dunno, basic manners or decorum.

But since the days of another toxic Georgian, one Newton Leroy Gingrich, Republicans have been pissing on this basic principle (and a number of others).

Oh, and note the corporate media asymmetry on this. Greene endorses any number of bug nut conspiracy theories and/or assassinations of political opponents, but, you know, both sides, so reports of Jen Psaki “screening” press briefing questions gets treated as controversial as well.


Just me, but it would be nice/refreshing for the Dems to deal with this as quickly as possible. No long-winded speeches, no histrionics.

Just point out the obvious: Taylor Greene is a rhetorical bomb thrower who should get as much consideration in the House of Representatives as your average Dittohead.

Take the vote, move on. If the corporate press or anyone else pitches a fit, let them, but don’t engage.

It’s time for the Democrats to shake off the learned helplessness and act like a majority party, since they are the majority party.