Advice To Trump’s Counsel

Ask if they’ll let you Zoom your statement/case and choose a filter.

It’s not like they could get any worse.

Meanwhile, the GOPQAnons appear to be sitting with all the impartiality of the Mississippi jurors who acquitted J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant. Might as well have a Diet Cult, um, I mean Diet Coke, before voting, just to make it appear they’ve deliberated a bit…


The Democratic impeachment managers put on a good, maybe even superb case. Full disclosure, I only saw highlights–am lucky that I can work from home, but it’s work, and I could only catch recaps/written stories during the day–anyway, it’s unfortunately a case that won’t be decided on the evidence.

The cult won’t lay a finger on their Dear Leader.

He’s their Elvis

Old, fat, squeezed into an ill fitting (white) power suit.

But without any redeeming characteristics Elvis might have had.

He certainly embodies the deranged hopes and dreams of his followers, who are less Hillbilly Elegy and more straight up vicious racist, though Trump himself is way too lazy/flabby to personally lead a riot. Actual work isn’t Trump’s thing.

He’s more the kind of person who’d cash a 13 cent check.