Everything’s Bigger In Texas

And that includes the failure and finger pointing

even faced with a staggering blow to his immediate constituents, a blow caused almost entirely by decades of deliberate political choices, Governor Abbott has nothing except a whole basket full of talking-point nostrums that are insultingly inadequate to the crisis at hand.

Abbot, — along with Rick Perry, Tucker Carlson, Dan Crenshaw and various assorted wingnut politicos and pundits — immediately opted for knee-jerk it’s-the-blue-stet-libruls-who-are-to-blame-mode, Crenshaw’s allegation being particularly absurd.

Though perhaps, at long last, we’re seeing just a tiny bit of pushback from a media that normally amplifies wingnut bullshit to eleven before realizing  — again — they were played.

Of course, being Texas, you knew at least one public official would insist the proper response is no response.

Ted Boyd (to be fair, now former-mayor), represent

only the strong will survive and the weak will parish [sic].

They’ll never pass up a chance to advocate culling the herd. Unless it’s their neck on the chopping block, of course.

Welcome to modern conservatism: little more than rage, grievance, vengeance, and aggression fantasies.

Oh, also too, tax cuts…but only for the rich.

Christ, these idiots should be assigned a basic civics course, with emphasis on Justice, Domestic Tranquility, and General Welfare.

Give them a damn calendar. We’re not living in the 18th Century, regardless of how much they want to drag us back there.

3 thoughts on “Everything’s Bigger In Texas

  1. To recap: Texas failed as a Republic, joined the Union, seceded from it, joined the CSA, lost a war with said Union, and then rejoined it. Quite a history of being Fiercely Independent!

    1. BOTH cases of Texas seceding (from Mexico, and from the USA) were in support of slavery. Quite the record.

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