Man Of La Manchin

Trying to decide if I should say wrong or why?

Or both.

This is just bad on so many levels. You can only hope that it gets lost in the glare before the midterms or 2024.

They can’t possibly believe they’ll be rewarded for bullshit fiscal discipline during a real life crisis.

And do they really think it will outflank any screeching about big gumbit librulism?

All this will accomplish, if implemented, is engender resentment from anyone “lucky” enough to miss the cutoff, and provide fence-sitters an excuse to go full wingnut.

DJT himself (god, can’t we just forget him?); anyway, he and the MAGAts were fine with checks for the $2K (note: $1400 is already a compromise), and duh, why not?

They bailed out the Midwest to the tune of billions when their idiotic trade war failed.

Besides, most of us were on the receiving end for decades as salaries stagnated, critical infrastructure failed, and the stock market…soared.

A modest — exceedingly modest — bit of relief won’t break the bank. It won’t even balance the scale or level the playing field all that much.

But it might give a lot of us a chance to catch our breath.

Or get some folks pissed enough to lurch rightward if they yank it away.

Oh, and Manchin is worth millions, as is Shaheen. It’s not like they’re hurting.

Sigh: don’t overthink this. Pass the bill and provide the relief.


2 thoughts on “Man Of La Manchin

  1. I have known Joe Manchin for over 30 years. That’s really not saying much. If you are from WV as I am it would be easier to find people in their mid-60s like me who do know him than those who don’t. There just aren’t that many of us left.

    The first thing, the second thing and the third thing to know about Joe is he has one guiding star: what is in the best interest of Joe Manchin.

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