Yet Another Lost Cause

The myth, not the lie…

Stir in the puke funnel/echo chamber, add a liberal helping of, pun intentional, a press corps that can’t wait to flog any and every bullshit wingnut screed, and mix in a two time loser of the actual vote (fobbed off as “popular vote”) claiming fraud while the cult faithful…do what cults do.

Usually ends ugly.

Just saying.

The original Lost Cause  — with more than a bit of flat-out terrorism — managed to control the narrative for roughly a century.

After some very modest adjustments — desegregated public schools, legislated civil rights, voting rights, housing rights (mileage may vary, depending on location) — the last half century’s been quite the blowback, culminating in virtual if not actual hagiography of an orange thing…who was played by Kim Jong Un (to cite a single example — I don’t have time or spleen to note the countless other instances of batshit insanity).

And now they’re openly embracing a rejection of even a semblance of democracy.

To be honest, it’s only the sheer grotesqueness of the Nashville Nathan Bedford Forrest “statue” that makes me think a similar memorial is the only suitable shrine for DJT.

The last Lost Cause is, at long last, being tossed into history’s dumpster. This one needs to be similarly disposed of.

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