McConnell Insists Thumbs Down Is No Indication Of Vicious, Bloodthirsty Cruelty

Metaphorically speaking, that is

McConnell said Democrats were putting forth a “solution in search of a problem”—and implied that he was simply shocked that his party would be accused of trying to disenfranchise voters. “States,” he said, “are not engaging in trying to suppress voters, whatsoever.” (In earlier remarks, he claimed the filibuster—which has been used for generations to block civil rights legislation and which he will undoubtedly use to thwart the pro-democracy bill unless Democrats abolish or amend it—had “no racial history.”)

Moscow Mitch and the rest of the GOP have worked the refs for so long they think it’s entirely normal for anything they say, regardless of how outrageous, to be considered a logical beginning point if not serious policy.

In contrast, Democrats often are required to demonstrate some degree of conservative support for pretty much anything.

Voter suppression, in a sane would, would be an outrage, and the media would report it accordingly. That they don’t — and that they also fail rather miserably in noting the anti-democratic nature of institutions like the Senate and Electoral College — speaks volumes, and not in a good way.


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  1. LarrytheRed says:

    Slowly but surely, what was obscure becomes plain, like fog lifting.

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