Senior Moment

I doubt it hurts him all that much in Texas, but Cornyn — and his research assistants — seem to have a problem understanding basic irony and satire

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) fumbled an effort to catch out Assistant Attorney General nominee Kristen Clarke on Wednesday about an opinion column she’d written while she was a university student at Harvard.

“Miss Clarke, Martin Luther King famously said that he had a dream of the day when his children would be known by the content of their character and not the color of their skin,” Cornyn opened his questioning at the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing. “Do you agree with that?”

“Absolutely, Senator,” Clarke replied.

“Well, maybe there’s a misprint, but I’m sure you can clear it up for me, dating back to your days in school when you seemed to argue that African Americans were genetically superior to Caucasians. Is that correct?” Cornyn asked.

“No, Senator,” Clarke replied. “I believe you are referring to an op-ed that I wrote at the age of 19 about the Bell Curve theory, a racist book that equated DNA with genetics and race.”

“As a Black student at Harvard that time, we took grave offense to this book,” she continued. “It was co-authored by a Harvard professor. We held a number of events to speak out against the book, and this op-ed opened with a satirical reference to the statement that you just noted.”

Can only imagine how shocked and horrified he’d get reading America’s Finest News Source.
But that’s giving him the benefit of the doubt–I’ll guess actual reading is assigned to his staff.
And, sad to say, that’s a big part of the problem: ignorance isn’t just bliss, it’s MAGA.
Stupid’s an asset.
Stir in a lazy corporate media, and it’s a gumbo from hell.
Sending DJT off to spend even more time golfing (aside: I actually was OK with him golfing his way through his four years — it caused the least damage); anyway, that was just one step.
As I’ve noted before, the rot runs deep…