No, Not A Basket Of Deplorables

More like a barrel of toxic waste.

Where do you begin? You can cite so many examples — MGT, Matt “Covid-17-but-I-swear-she-looked-at-least-19-wanna-see-her-picture?” Gaetz, Trump himself, the January 6th riot, the Tea Party/birther lunacy, Mitch the swamp turtle, the entire Bush Junior Administration…the Clenis (for those who remember the dial-up-Ur-internet)…the pre-internet-cable-TV-Stone-Age featuring Newton Leroy Gingrich and the halcyon days of Ronaldus Magnus, he-who-read-teleprompters-with-no-sin (or comprehension).

But a constant in all of that’s been a press corpse [sic] that can’t wait to demonize ANY Democratic-with-a-large-D administration and/or policy proposal while whitewashing (emphasis on white) any Republican-with-a-large-R reactionary push.

Watergate notwithstanding, the elite media is hardly an adversary to power, unless power is held by Democrats.

Look at how they lauded Saint John McCain, and how they’re working overtime to be Liz Cheney’s political lifeboat.

Meanwhile, the actual GOP, leadership and base, has embraced pussy-grabbing MAGAism.

Makes sense, in a perverse way, pun intentional. That’s where their votes are.

But that’s also the road to a particularly United States-style of fascism that’s embodied in the orange lard-ass that’s Donald Trump.

Anti-science, anti-knowledge, racist, misogynistic, ersatz-Christian-masking-actual-white-supremacy, manipulative, and at the same time helpless, pathetic, attention-craving, demanding, needy, emotionally infantile…

Heavily armed, entitled juveniles.

Which the elite media, in its infinite wisdom, insists is an advocacy of limited government.

And the media’s always managed, when it comes to the GOP, to confuse rhetoric with ideology.

Would be nice if the allegedly objective media would point out–with emphasis–the country is, by a small but comfortable margin, NOT MAGA.

Biden won the actual vote, as did HRC. Funny how that gets lost in the Cletus/diner safaris…

I’m not particularly optimistic. But, then again, I’m getting old.