Sins Of Commission

There are Republicans, and there are Trumpublicans, the latter so devoted to their cult/dear leader they’ll embrace, well, fascism, before they’ll accept small d democracy

Many rank-and-file Republican senators who had flirted with backing the commission idea quickly fell in line, as well, arguing that the proposal was not truly bipartisan and that the investigation would take too long and learn too little. Their positions made it less likely that Democrats could win over the 10 Republican votes they would need to reach the 60-vote threshold required for passage of the bill in the evenly divided Senate.

Republican leaders, who witnessed the events of Jan. 6 and fled for their lives as an armed mob overtook their workplace, had briefly considered supporting the commission out of a sense of fairness. The 9/11 commission was adopted nearly unanimously two decades ago, and its work was widely heralded.

Their final opposition pointed to a colder political calculation now driving Republicans’ approach to 2022: that it is better to avoid a potentially uncontrollable reckoning centered on Mr. Trump and the false claims of voter fraud he continues to promulgate.

If they get their way on memory holing/burying the riot, what’s next?

A tasteful stained glass?

Confederate battle-flag lapel pins?

Periodic re-enactments?

That said, 35 Republican House members actually voted in favor of a commission–not exactly profiles in courage, as anyone who understands how Congressional commissions actually work–but certainly encouraging (bipartisan, media nitwits).

Or at least a relief, that a few of them still prefer, you know, a more perfect union, justice, domestic tranquility, etc. (for those of us who are a certain age, we can even sing along).

But this isn’t sweeps week anymore.

DJT might have been good for CBS (um, that was Les Moonves bullshit), but at a certain point — and we’re there…NOW — CBS, and the rest of them, and the rest of us, need to make a decision…