CRT Is The New Black

It’s been a long week here, so I’m going meta and linking to Adrastos’ post below with my own .0002 cents (OMG, inflation!).

Wingers always look for something to hate.

It’s surprisingly effective as a political tool (see, ads, political, negative); despite lofty rhetoric, it’s far easier to motivate with a bloody rag, scapegoat, Those People®, etc.

It only takes a small reason to hate.

And it’s even easier to play to ignorance and prejudice.

So, CRT gets the treatment…

And worse (sorry to beat this rented mule…again), the wingnut media becomes a megaphone (or, if you prefer, a puke funnel), while the rest of the elite press retreats to full stenographer mode.

But Kyle Whitmire (local media) shows a surprisingly effective way of calling out the bullshit.

Ask a simple question.

What, exactly, is CRT?

Wingers: Um…

It’s the same with quite a number of other issues.

If the non-wingnut media would do it’s job, instead of phoning, texting, or tweeting it in, there’d at least be a chance we could get beyond both sides, or the nonsense allegations of socialism.

Really? Socialism?

A country with a central bank issuing fiat currency and reliant on global trade networks secured by treaties between nation states in conjunction with a mechanized (and thermonuclear) military, and international financial institutions is…a free market?

Laff: I guess Santa Claus is the invisible hand.

And the wingers themselves are apoplectic over losing an election. that, if they really were against big gumbit, they shouldn’t give a shit about.

Why’s that?

Oh, right…

One thought on “CRT Is The New Black

  1. I got a couple of CRTs sitting nearby, and they’re completely black at the moment.

    Like MAGAts heads, they’re filled with vacuum also, too.

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