Groom Of The (Orange) Stool

Moscow Mitch

He is a piece of work … our Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. He was back in Kentucky on Tuesday, telling the citizens to be grateful to him for all the relief money that he’d voted against and whipped against, and telling his constituents to thank him for it, and then not to expect anything more if and when he gets the whip hand in the Senate again…

He and his party have so poisoned American politics with the cynical notion that government is always the problem, and casting government is an alien entity that is as distant from the people of the country as McConnell and his party actually are.


And more. 

I’ll give them — very — grudging credit.

They’ve figured out, thanks to a massive boost from a feckless elite media that’s long since given up actual journalism, they’re able to play an endless game of sophistry that’s as divorced from their actual policy aims as DJT is from his first two wives.

Politics as cheap entertainment.

Stir in a generous (liberal?) appeal to bigotry, prejudice, racism, voter suppression legislation, and bring to a boil.

I’d argue for a heavy remedial lesson in basic civics, but at this point, they’re so all-in with, um, someone more than a little sympathetic with early 20th Century political trends in Central Europe (not to go all Godwin’s Law)…

Can’t say I’m surprised Moscow Mitch — eagerly — wants to be Trump’s special Groom…

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