Not With A Bang, But A Twitter [Thread]

You can always count on the Cult of the Savvy to echo the talking points of their GOP/Winger sources

Normal is whatever the GOP decides is normal…and that’s been the case for, shit, as long as I’ve been politically sentient (which was/is an ongoing process).

And the political press reliably fans the flames.

Hillary’s emails? Massive hissy fit.

Drowning of a city thanks to shoddily constructed floodwalls?

Riot at the United States Capitol following a fake* allegation of a rigged election?

Not the time to point fingers or assess/assign blame.

It’s at the point where the GOP shit storm creates its own weather, a la the Bootleg Fire, with more than a bit of help from the Beltway press.

The wingnut rhetoric/language is approaching, if not at, that of serial abusers (or kidnappers).

Even something as dumb/crazy as vaccine refusal is alleged to be librul chicanery.

How could they vaccinate, after we disrespected them? (Even as they accuse the libs of, oh, I don’t know, treason/Satan Worship, etc.)

*Amazing that the only credible evidence of election rigging is Donald J. Trump. ON TAPE, demanding the Georgia Secretary of State “find [him] 11,780 votes…” but that’s been buried (along with so much other stuff it’d be a full time job to keep up, and I’ve already got a full time job). Can anyone imagine the howling if ANY Democratic candidate for any office made a similar demand? I’m picturing the head shaking, more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger ‘concern’ across the board as to the degeneracy of anything Capital D Democratic [Party] and just how good that news would be for Republicans…not that that would ever happen.