On Second Thought, Don’t Meet Me In St. Louis

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WMDs have come full circle.

Wingers embrace biological weapons as a tactic in their never ending culture war

The St. Louis County Council moved to end the county’s new mask mandate Tuesday, throwing the order into legal limbo.

After hearing dozens of people rail against the mandate and County Executive Sam Page, council members voted 5-2 to end the order and rebuke Page for failing to consult them before issuing it, which they say was required under a new state law.

“Too many American men and women have given the last full measure of devotion for us to be cavalier with the very liberty they fought and died to provide,” said Councilman Ernie Trakas, R-6th District. “I will not abide any measures that seek to compromise or erode our liberty and freedom.”

And it’s not just St. Louis.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas…of course) threw a mother-of-all-terrible-twos-temper-tantrum on the House floor re: mask mandates, while at the State level, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds couldn’t resist playing politics.

And instead of reporting the obviousactive refusal to vaccinate is the driving force behind the latest Covid surge — the idiot media is so addicted to their winger sources they find it impossible to point this out.

They fall back on their old tired standbys of controversy, people disagree, both sides, etc. etc.

What. The. Ever. Living. Fuck?

I used to think it was the hard core authoritarian-curious-if-not-actual, um, fascist crowd, that needed civics lessons…and maybe anger management classes.

But maybe there are a few more who could use some remedial education, in both civics and basic science.

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  1. I would certainly enjoy reading accounts of his putting that right-handed AR to his left shoulder and ejecting hot brass down the collar of that pink polo 😎

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