I Wonder How “Death Race: 2024” Focus Groups As A Campaign Slogan…

Hmmm…should I call this Beneath The Dignity of The Planet of the Apes?

They go low:

Let’s state this up front: GOP governors are not required by some higher Trumpian law to use official powers to actively thwart efforts to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

But the Republican governors of Texas and Florida — Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis — are in a class by themselves. Their states are seeing some of the worst surges of covid in the nation, yet they are continuing to hamstring local officials from acting to protect their constituents.


Across Texas, health officials warned of overloaded, strained hospitals, a growing crisis not seen since early February, when a late winter wave deluged the state’s health care system. More than 10,000 Texans have been hospitalized this week and at least 53 hospitals were at maximum capacity in their intensive care units.

The Cruelty Is The Point.

And with stenographic instead of actual journalism, cruelty becomes, um, cruelly, savvy politics.

Driftglass says it best — they’ll bothsides the shit out of it, or default to “but the Democrats…”

I’m pretty sure Abbot’s political arc peaks in Austin (still Texas, i.e., Texas-sized); DeSantis wants more, but won’t get past the kiddie table/junior varsity once the Colossus of Mar-a-Lago lurches back into the election cycle.

But they function as shock troops, aided by a click-driven media that can’t or won’t point out the obvious: the GOP is a death-cult led — and populated — by ghouls.

They’ll put their own kids at risk to own the libs.

Opinions differ on children’s health.

I’m sure Chuck Todd will give this all appropriate consideration by checking in with Ted Cruz.

And, regardless of anything else, it will be good news for John McCain.





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