When The Narrative Becomes Legend, Print The Narrative

Projection is a hell of a drug.

After four years of daily WTF-WT-Ever Living-F?, Politico accuses…the Biden Administration…of gaslighting.

Goddamn, black holes don’t distort/contort any more than the Cult of the Savvy (and at least with black holes, it’s what they do…the Cult is only in it for the clicks).

They’ll cite any/every GOP source, no matter how much they’ve managed to FUBAR it, because, I dunno.

You tell me.

My best guess is that it’s a (distorted in its own way) feedback loop that, um, clings to a narrative regardless of facts because…it beats the hell out of having to do actual journalism.

Phone it in, text it in, tweet it in, then dash off to Adams Morgan or whatever trendy hot spot is the place to see and be seen in Washington DC (and I’m very much not the person to check with on trendy hot spots in Washington DC, or anywhere else).

But, for whatever it’s worth, I think about public policy, and think small d democracy isn’t so bad, public investment isn’t so bad, and ending no-win wars isn’t so bad either.

If Politico wants to report on gaslighting, I can think of a lot of other places they can look at…