They’re All Insane

Moscow Mitch reverts to hostage taking mode

The current position held by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and most Republican senators is that this fall they will vote in favor of the United States defaulting on its debts, leading to economic Armageddon.

You don’t hear their position described this way in many press accounts, to be sure. But that is functionally their position: They are threatening to withhold all GOP support when Congress votes to suspend the debt limit, probably sometime in October.

If the debt limit is not suspended or raised, the United States will default, with horrible consequences, and Republicans are threatening to vote no.

Am guessing eventually there will be some sort of deal — after all, Moscow Mitch’s personal net worth would presumably take a pretty severe hit if the economy cratered/nose-dived — but his, and the GOP’s, willingness to play sadistic, sick games, on this and other issues — and the media’s refusal to call them on it — emphasizes how tilted the field’s become.

Gavin Newsom (see First Draft author Shapiro for more) solidly and soundly defeats a recall election enabled by bullshit rules.

Corporate media’s reaction? Newsom survived, though he’s still on the defensive (was it excellent news for John McCain? Um…).

McConnell and the TrumpGOP (MAGAstan?) attempt to crater the economy, or even basic democracy (yeah, I know, small d democracy’s always been more in form than practice but still)…

Anyway, they push Big Lies, hold the economy hostage, flat out refuse to guarantee basic voting rights, etc., etc…

And the reaction from the press?

Hardball. Firebrand. Provocative. Or…savvy.

Mitch McConnell might be any number of things– goddamn SOB, reptilian, human tortoise, bought-and-paid-for-agent for any number of special interests — but savvy?

Only if he gets a free pass.

Same with other GOP clowns that have no equivalent on the other side of the aisle (e.g., there could never be a Democratic Rudolph Giuliani, and the media would do their part in ensuring that).

Bad times.