No, It’s Not A Stalemate*

*Of course, The WaPo edited the headline, but only after the message was delivered.


Also, it’s not hardball, it’s not savvy, it’s not winning the day, it’s political psychopathy or, fuck it, political/economic terrorism.

And this has gone on to the extent it’s fully embedded to the extent that I think corporate media is so afraid of contracting the heartbreak of psoriasis, sorry, librul cooties, they’ll accept pretty much any GOP position that isn’t explicitly endorsed by David Duke (or hell, maybe a few that are), while clinging to their both-sides blankie.

Even allegedly liberal MSNBC featured Peter Baker this evening (why is he still allowed to opine on their air?), who called the GOP debt ceiling nihilism another game of chicken, implying that this is some sort of normal Dem-GOP-give-and-take.

Bullshit AND media malpractice.

Republicans are taking the global economy hostage over the debt limit.

Again, on MSNBC, Chris Van Hollen pointed out that McConnell isn’t even stepping aside, i.e., the GOP could oppose without filibustering…but they’re not…and the media thinks this is normal.

It’s not.

Add in they’re pushing voter suppression to counter non-existent voter fraud, aka, voters who don’t vote “right”, which could and should be reported as a modern-day version of a poll tax (and as odious a lie as separate-but-equal, which was used to justify separate-but-decidedly-unequal social policy that still affects us).

A side effect is that the media’s no longer even bothering to note that existing conditions often mean “wrong” voters have to wait for hours to cast a ballot and regularly have to search for their precinct.

They denied the pandemic, then weaponized it–punish Blue States, blame immigrants, now blame Biden–even as they refuse to get vaccinated while gobbling horse paste…

They’ve pushed The Big Lie about the 2020 election, and, WTF?

It’s even being reported as The Big Lie…but when it’s reported as “The Big Lie…and in other news…” it enables The Big Lie.

Not that I particularly like the pathetic effort on their part to avoid the taint of librul cooties, but goddamn, if the other side has their way, librul cooties will be the least of their problems.

Because they’re still getting tagged by the wingers as Enemy of the People.

And getting labeled as that usually doesn’t end well.