SMV: Utopia Live At The Chicago Theater

This show was filmed in 2019 after Utopia regrouped. I missed the tour, but my friend Mike saw it. He’s my own personal Todd oracle. He was blown away by this tour.

Adding to the fun is the fact that this video was posted by Utopia drummer Willie Wilcox.

One thought on “SMV: Utopia Live At The Chicago Theater

  1. Tommy T says:

    I saw them here in DFW. This is the only show I’ve gone to for YEARS. Gil Assayas was ASTOUNDING on both keys and vocals. I don’t know how much time he had to prepare for the tour after Ralph Shuckett (RIP) had to bow out, but Gil didn’t miss a note, and the the four-part harmonies were beyond compare. Tears on my face during “Just One Victory”?

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