Show Business For Ugly People

Not a comment on the physical appearance of Senators Sinema or Manchin (and lord knows, I’m not one to judge), but even if a deal is ironed out, there’s the pandemic, the ongoing economic fallout, the fiscal cliff/debt limit (possibly kicked down the road for a couple of months, but still), etc., etc.

Given the circumstances, the soap opera posturing and political games are in themselves worth condemning.

Meanwhile, the GOP’s embraced, in addition to its own ugly nihilism, white supremacy if not outright fascism.

Scalise isn’t the only ‘David Duke without the baggage’the entire party is mainstreaming repugnant Replacement Theory nonsense (I’m finally seeing how the odious ‘separate but equal’ bullshit stuck around as long as it did).

They’re pushing the absurd stolen election/voter fraud lie.

They’re weaponizing/politicizing vaccine refusal, at horrific cost.

Small d democracy is at the point where, if it was a Covid patient, they’d be proning or intubating it.

Can’t they see that?

The Biden Administration and the rest of the Democratic Party’s gone out of its way to work with both.

If they do end up torpedoing Biden’s agenda, it won’t be a badge of independence, whatever that even means.

It would be a self-own for the ages.

And does either think Mitch McConnell’s going to have their back?


That’d be a self-own, too.