Moscow Mitch Is No Parliamentary Genius

Call him a rank opportunist, or a proto/Ur MAGAstani, who can count to 41, while realizing there’s zero downside to being an asshole, both with the GOP base, and the elite media.

But genius? Bullshit.

OK, he blinked (maybe) on the debt ceiling, kicking the can down the road for a couple of months.

Probably hopes the elite media will have his back or, with some luck, fawn over Sinemanchin long enough to crater Biden’s agenda…setting the stage for a midterm shellacking and…christ, I don’t even want to think about 2024…

But he, like his evil twin, are the tip of the iceberg.

They might exist on their own, but they thrive mainly because the same media that enabled both also fostered, oh, I don’t know, her emails, the massive resistance (choice of words intentional) to Obama’s election, the Iraq war (and the Bush Junior clusterf*ck of an administration generally), the Clinton Impeachment (such innocent times), sociopath Newt Gingrich’s entire career, etc., etc…Morning In America, way, way, back in the pre-internet Stone Age…except for, ironically, email, as Oliver North found out, to his chagrin (funny how that got swept under the rug).

Cassandra hit it spot-on yesterday.

It’s a feedback-loop/downward-spiral.

Meanwhile, the Democrats haven’t exactly bathed themselves in glory.

Republican-Lite is more feckless than an actual alternative.

But the full morphing into a Blood-and-Soil GOP is more than enough to, like it or not, opt–immediately–for the lesser-of-evils.

That can’t be emphasized enough.

This isn’t McConnell’s GOP, or even Trump’s, odious as they are.

It’s not George W. Bush’s either…

It’s David Duke’s.